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Mixing Reinvented For Your Privacy

We offer the best privacy you can get from a Bitcoin mixer.

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Why is it better to choose ChipMixer, and not other Bitcoin mixers?

ChipMixer is a new, innovative Bitcoin mixer that reinvents Bitcoin mixing. ChipMixer gives you full control over mixing, doesn't charge a fee, let's you mix multiple inputs offchain, and even lets you bet your funds while mixing, to improve your anonymity! ChipMixer uses fixed amount "chips" of Bitcoin, that are funded before your deposit even arrives to process your withdraws, and lets you withdraw a private key, letting you pick the delay of time before you get the funds.

Why Choose Bitcoin Mixer ChipMixer?

Full control over mixing
More random than predefined mixing procedure
Full control over Bitcoin Mixing
Outputs are fungible
Each chip is exactly the same
Outputs can be used instantly
You withdraw private keys
Optional provably-fair betting Chip Mixer
Optional provably-fair betting
Mixer's output may be higher than input
Outputs, inputs
Outputs are faster than inputs
From blockchain perspective, you spend them before sending to mixer
BTC Mixing
Merge small chips into big ones
First mixer that allows you to merge inputs privately
Bitcoin Blender
No Accounts, no bitcodes
No link between your sessions
Bitcoin Tumbler
Signed source of funds
You get receipt of receiving funds from us
Bitcoin Laundry
We wait 7 days for your deposit
You may extend that time
Cryptocurrency Mixer
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