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Why is it better to choose ChipMixer, and not other Bitcoin mixers?

ChipMixer is a new, innovative Bitcoin mixer that reinvents Bitcoin mixing. ChipMixer gives you full control over mixing, doesn't charge a fee, let's you mix multiple inputs offchain, and even lets you bet your funds while mixing, to improve your anonymity! ChipMixer uses fixed amount "chips" of Bitcoin, that are funded before your deposit even arrives to process your withdraws, and lets you withdraw a private key, letting you pick the delay of time before you get the funds.

Why Choose Bitcoin Mixer ChipMixer?

Full control over mixing
More random than predefined mixing procedure
Full control over Bitcoin Mixing
Outputs are fungible
Each chip is exactly the same
Outputs can be used instantly
You withdraw private keys
Optional provably-fair betting Chip Mixer
Optional provably-fair betting
Mixer's output may be higher than input
Outputs, inputs
Outputs are faster than inputs
From blockchain perspective, you spend them before sending to mixer
BTC Mixing
Merge small chips into big ones
First mixer that allows you to merge inputs privately
Bitcoin Blender
No Accounts, no bitcodes
No link between your sessions
Bitcoin Tumbler
Signed source of funds
You get receipt of receiving funds from us
Bitcoin Laundry
We wait 7 days for your deposit
You may extend that time
Cryptocurrency Mixer
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One of the cornerstones of Bitcoin's appeal is anonymity, which is also one of its greatest misconceptions. Although Bitcoin transactions are more difficult to track than other forms of transactions, they are not completely anonymous. As a result, Bitcoin users are always looking for new and better techniques to hide their transactions.

Bitcoin Mixers and Bitcoin Blenders

Ordinary Bitcoin mixers and Bitcoin blenders blend your Bitcoins along with many other user’s Bitcoins and the mixer’s own reserves as well. Then they send the equivalent of your original transaction in someone else’s Bitcoins to the BTC address you specify.

The main issue with this method is that because all of the transactions are Bitcoin transactions, they are all recorded on the blockchain and are therefore traceable. There is also an added risk that if the Bitcoins you receive were used for something illegal, that can, in theory, be traced back to you as well.

What is ChipMixer?

ChipMixer is a good solution if you wish to remain anonymous when making online transactions. It can also be useful if you want to do peer-to-peer payments and donations. The service is used to mix a person’s funds and give this person some new Bitcoins.

The emphasis here is on ensuring that the blender has the capacity to confound the trail when someone tries to find out the source. The finest mixer is one that allows you to maintain your anonymity to the greatest extent possible. You want each Bitcoin transaction to be extremely difficult to track. Using our Bitcoin mixing service makes a lot of sense in this situation.

It becomes extremely easy to protect your revenue and personal information. You've decided to utilize our service because you want to keep your funds safe from hackers and third parties. Because they may be able to perform blockchain analysis and track your personal data. You won't have to worry about it with our Bitcoin tumbler.

Why is ChipMixer the best anonymous Bitcoin Mixer?

ChipMixer is unlike any other Bitcoin mixer that has ever existed. Rather than merely merging your Bitcoins with those of other users, we built a chip-based approach that provides far more anonymity. The following is how it works:

When a user deposits Bitcoin, he gets back the equivalent in chips. Each chip has a predetermined value that is backed by Bitcoin addresses that ChipMixer has already set up and pre-funded. Chips worth.001 BTC,.002 BTC,.004 BTC, and so on, all the way up to 4.096 BTC, are available.

If you make a deposit of 0.1 BTC, you will receive three chips worth 0.064, 0.032 and 0.004 BTC, respectively. Since these chips were pre-financed before your transaction, there is no connection between them and your deposit in the blockchain. This is the first step in protecting your privacy.

After you've gotten your chips, there are a few things you may take to boost your anonymity even more:

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer

1. Split Your Chips

When you split a chip, you create two chips each with half the value of the original chip. One 0.032 BTC chip would become two 0.016 BTC chips, for example. Any chip can be split except for the lowest denomination which is 0.001 BTC.

2. Merge Your Chips

Merging is the opposite of splitting in that it takes two identical chips and merges them into one chip with twice the value of either original chip. Combining two 0.032 BTC chips, for example, yields a single 0.064 BTC chip. It's worth noting that only chips with the same value can be merged this way.

3. Bet Your Chips

Betting brings a completely random element to the mixing process, further anonymizing your Bitcoins. You have the option of putting a chip on double or nothing. This means that if you win, you will get twice the value of the chip, and if you lose, you will get nothing.

4. Donate Your Chips

Since we do not charge any fees or commissions for the services provided, donations are always welcome. You can donate any amount of chips you choose, except for those that amount to 1 Bitcoin and above. Using the above example of an initial deposit, you can donate the smallest chip denomination you have (in this case it will be 0.004 BTC), or split it and donate as much as you want.

5. Withdraw Your Chips

The whole point of mixing your Bitcoins is to get them back again so when you are ready to withdraw, your chips are removed from your list and you are issued a private key for each chip with an address containing its value in Bitcoin.

Chip withdrawals are not visible on the blockchain and since the chips are pre-funded they can often appear to have been created days before your deposit was made. This adds yet another layer of privacy to your Bitcoin transactions.